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Hi, thanks so much for making these awesome sounds! ๐Ÿ˜Š We used some of them in our game which we made for Rainbow Jam 2022. ๐ŸŒˆ

Hello David Stearns! I was wondering if it would be alright to utilize your sounds as alert sounds for notifications on Twitch.


Hi! I don't know much about twitch alert sounds, but I assume they just play back for your viewers, which is totally fine. The only restriction is that you can't give out or sell the audio files themselves to others - but if they are embedded in a video, stream, game, software, etc. than that's what they're here for!

Oh awesome! Thanks for the response!

This is the best SFX asset pack I have ever found, and I've sifted through a ton of them. I would love to see you create more stuff, I might even be willing to commission up a few fx I need.

If you're interested in commissions please let me know, you can message me here or on my instagram:

Awesome stuff, let me know :)

Thanks so much! I really appreciate that.

It will probably be a while before I have time to take on any new projects (I'm guessing at least until the end of the year), but would be open to commissions in the future. I'll check out your stuff on instagram. Thanks!


Hello! I found this library because of the "Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality" and it really fit my game. I gave you the credit inside and outside of the game, even though the game is free. 
Thank you for your work!


Awesome! Thanks for letting me know and for the credit!


Hi, just want to make sure, can we use/share a purchased asset to more than one game/ more than one game developer?

Or it just licensed as a single product (one license for one game only).


The license is user-based and non-transferable - each team member who is adding these sounds to the game would require a license. Use on as many games as you like. I'd love to check out any projects the sound end up in, so let me know!


"...each team member who is adding these sounds to the game would require a license "<< Let's say I am as a publisher, can the developer under my supervision use this on their project as long as I involved on their project? 

Relax, I won't share this license to the dev who aren't under my supervision.


Great sounds! What's the license for this?

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Thanks for pointing that out! I'll update with a license file.

Essentially you're free to use them in any media project, commercial or otherwise, credit not required (though appreciated!). The only restriction is against selling or distributing as stand alone sounds (i.e. reselling them as part of an asset package), or claiming ownership of the sounds.

Great collection, thank you for the time you took to put it together


Awesome collection of SFX. Thanks for putting it together :-)

Thanks! I hope you find them useful

Just wanted to let you know that I put your sound effects to use in my game: Elevader, which you can find here on and on the Google Play Store: Thanks!

Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on the release.